A Better Babysitter

25 screen-free ideas to keep your little ones playing

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    Parenting little ones can be exhausting! While you might turn to a favorite cartoon to keep your sanity here and there, giving your kids the opportunity to explore and play every day is a gift. In fact, it's a gift that gives back as your kids build boredom muscles as they grow!

    I've used these 25 tried-and-true screen-free ideas with my five kids over the years. They are simple activities that require little planning or time and have saved me during:

    • looooong grey winter afternoons
    • dinner-prep chaos
    • work deadline panic
    • dog days of summer (when pool days and the sprinkler have lost their magic!)

    Sometimes all you need is a game plan to keep from turning to the screen time babysitter.

    Make screen-free the better babysitter.