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Your 5-Day, 5-Minute Post-It Note Prep for Tech Talks with Your Teen

Every day 18.7 billion texts are sent, 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed, 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram, and 333 billion emails are sent and received.

In a world filled with endless digital messages, let’s send a simple message to our teens (and pre-teens!) to let them know we see them.

All you need is 5 minutes and a pad of Post-It Notes.

Hi, my name is Andrea Davis, and I'm a mom of five (3 teens!). Several years ago, I learned how a simple sticky note can work wonders in a parent-teen relationship.

I can't wait to hear how this sticky note solution transforms tech talks with your teen and helps you to reconnect.

Keep me posted (no pun intended!) ;)

Andrea Davis

mom, former Jr. High teacher, author, speaker, and founder of Better Screen Time

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