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Your Guide to Helping Kids Focus While Learning Online

A simple process to help your kids:

  • Stay focused
  • Keep learning
  • Minimize time spent on devices

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What do I get and how will it help me?

Our Keeping Your Focus Guide contains four resources to help your older child or teen stay focused when doing digital homework:

  • Digital Homework Tips ideas for older kids and teens.
  • Get Focused — a 3-step exercise to help your child prioritize assigments.
  • Finish This! — a fill-in-the-blank printable that your child or teen can use over and over again as he/she works through assignments and projects.
  • Reward Yourself — ideas for celebrating completed tasks.

Andrea Davis is the founder of Better Screen Time, a former teacher, and a mother of five. She's also spent a lot of time learning from productivity experts over the years.

Because Andrea doesn't want her kids on screens more than is necessary, she has been implementing and testing some of her learning and productivity strategies with her own kids to help them stay focused while doing homework online during the virus quarantine.

After some tweaking, she and her kids have landed on a simple process to help your kids stay focused, keep learning, and not spend crazy amounts of time on screens!

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Online learning is new for many of us! Let's help our kids learn while minimizing time spent on screens.

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