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Is Your Teen Asking for Social Media?

Our ever-popular "Am I Ready for a Device?" self-evaluation has been repurposed in an incredible way! We now have a family-tested self-evaluation to help you determine if your teen is ready for a social media account.

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This self-evaluation was created out of one family's need to make a smart choice about social media.

Deciding whether or not your teen should use social media is not an easy task. As parents, we want to protect our kids and teens. And the dangers on social media are very real. Cyberbullying, pornography, DM's from strangers, nudes, the never-ending comparison trap; and for some teens, heightened anxiety and depression.

We need to make sure our teens are prepared before that first social media app is ever downloaded.

This isn't all about just your teen being ready—we've got a self-evaluation for you, too.

Don't worry if you don't pass the first time! We have all the resources you need to succeed in our course, Untangling Teens & Tech.

Untangling Teens & Tech is a step-by-step program for parents who want to connect with their teens while navigating turbulent tech waters—(MINUS the shouting matches, helicopter parenting, and constant overwhelm). Click here to start worrying less and connecting more with your teen!

Make a smart decision with your teen.

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